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Free postage when you spend £25+ | FREE perfume sample with every order
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Car Vent Fragrances
Well Scented Wax

Car Vent Fragrances

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Pack contains 

1x vent clip

1x car diffuser bottle

1x 10ml fragrance oil 

1x care card

Refills available 

To use:

  • Unscrew car diffuser bottle and set lid aside.
  • Then unscrew the fragrance and pour the fragrance into the glass diffuser bottle.
  • Use any remaining fragrance on the wooden part of the diffuser lid (this will be the part that gives off the scent)
  • Put diffuser clip onto the neck of the bottle and screw on lid. 
  • Add to your car vent 
  • Turn blowers on warm for best results 


Safety instructions

Always keep in an upright position

Do not tip onto any surface as this product is corrosive. This includes your hands.

If this product gets on your hands - wash immediately with warm soapy water. 

If this product is tipped on any plastic surface - wash away immediately with warm soapy water as it will corrode plastics 

This will stain upholstery so be sure to keep away.

Occasionally you will need to gently shake the bottle to absorb the scent into the wood part of your diffuser to keep the scent lasting. (Do this outside so it doesn't get on anything)

Do not mix fragrances. Wash out your diffuser before adding a new fragrance.